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We are fully stocked with ground beef, steaks, roast, and all your favorite meat products.

Open Friday, Saturday, & Sunday: 12:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Our Story

Dairy farming is our life’s work. Our three children are the 7th generation to farm on our land and raise cattle - producing milk, meat and growing crops for our livestock. We enjoy our life’s work and gather great satisfaction from growing our own food and knowing that others enjoy it as well.

Our farm is more than a place – it is a home loved by family and friends. Our land presents Christian values, passion and hard work - we love what we do and feel blessed to share it with you. Mayer Farms Beef is located south of Slinger and includes 250 acres of rolling fields and pastures, nestled in the hills of Kettle Moraine within view of the historic Holy Hill Church.

Cows are our passion and what we know. We take pride in raising quality cattle and growing them naturally, and began selling beef after our friends and family persuaded us to share the goodness that our family enjoys daily.

Our natural, grass-finished beef is from cattle that are raised with access to our luscious, green pastures. Our cattle are fed diets rich in grass and hay year round, and are raised without added growth hormones.

Mayer Farms Beef is full of flavor without excess fat.

Our Products

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...delicious, full flavor

Our meat is lightly marbled and without excess fat.

Our cattle are fed a balanced, nutritional diet ensuring the best health possible. We believe that cattle are made to eat grass, hay and other forages - we do not corn fatten our beef. They are grown in a natural, healthy environment with care.

We work closely with a professional nutritionist who helps us meet the needs of each animal. This results in healthy animals and nutritional food for your family and ours. All animals are born and raised on our farm and cared for by our family.

You are welcome to schedule a visit to our farm.

To Your Table

We are licensed by the state of Wisconsin, and all our beef is harvested and packaged at Gehring’s Meat Market, a closely-inspected USDA facility.

How is our beef packaged?

Once our beef has been processed and crafted into selected cuts, it is vacuum sealed. Vacuum sealing preserves the color and taste of the meat.

How do we sell our beef?

We sell our beef by the pound and in bulk. We enjoy sharing a variety of individual cuts. Also, you can purchase a quarter, half, or whole animal. For more information on purchasing in large quantities, please call us at 262-224-5441.

Our Cuts

Delicious Steaks*

New York Strip

Mouth-Watering Roasts*

Gourmet Chuck

Lean and Yummy Hamburger!*

Specialty and Seasonal Favorites*

All-Beef Brats
Breakfast Sausage
Summer Sausage
All-Beef Cheddar Dogs
Beef Sticks
Dried Beef
Beef Brisket (trimmed)

All products are subject to availability

Beef Purchasing


We are fully stocked with ground beef, steaks, roast, and all your favorite meat products.

Open Friday, Saturday, & Sunday: 12:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Every family is unique. And, so are your eating and grocery needs.

That’s why our family provides you a wealth of flexibility.

You tell us your needs and we will work directly with you – meeting you anywhere on the spectrum from a single pound to an entire animal.

Now, we know that the grocery bill adds up when there are mouths to feed, so we offer discounts.

Orders over 100 pounds receive a 5% discount, and orders over 200 pounds receive an 8% discount.

Our family is here to provide quality beef, no matter the size of the order.

Contact us for your beef inquiries.

Our Favorite Recipes

*Courtesy of Wisconsin Beef Council

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Open Friday, Saturday, & Sunday: 12:00 PM - 5:00 PM